Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two tips completely ripped away from this North Rebel

Ok, so, we love that we had before and after photos of this. We do a lot of kite repairs at this level, but often we miss having either the before or the after photos. This North Rebel inverted, and loaded up really hard. We imagine that it was like the way you eat a wedge of citrus fruit, by flipping it and pushing the guts out.

Anyway, wow! This one had both tips completely ripped away. The customer did a great job of keeping the pieces intact and because of this we were able to put this back together perfectly. The natural craziness of the graphics allowed us to really hide the repair well. Check back, we hope to get photos of this kite in flight.

If you ever do have fabric, or any piece of the bridle completely separated from a damaged kite, save every single shred. It's critical that we at least be able to copy these pieces even if they don't get re-included in the final repair.