Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The golden peter lynn zippers

These zippers were outrageously difficult to get. They go in a Peter Lynn arc style kite. They are "sealed" and I don't use quotation marks lightly. You'd think that you'd be able to get an inexpensive sealed zipper in this country.  However, not so. They are made in China, I know, I was seriously surprised myself. But it means they are not available outside of products in this country. You can get german ones from germany for 80 bagillion dollars each. You can order them from YKK and wait 3 months!

We needed some because we are repairing a venom for a customer. Enter Blake Pelton. Our good friend who also used to be a distributor for Peter Lynn had some lying around. I know you were going to say that he had some in a drawer, no these were in kites. Sheer luck! Thanks Blake. You saved our customer from these goofy looking degraded zippers in this image.

The seal has delaminated from the zipper tape. In the first shot you can see the good zipper that Blake cut from a damaged kite. Thanks dog.

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