Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Truck Bike | The environment and our kite repair service

kite repairsrepaired kites on the truck bike
With the weather getting better and better for kiteboarding, we are in our busy season for our kite repair service. Here I am riding repaired kites in boxes from two days of Paul and me working around the clock. Some of these boxes have two or three kites in them too. I love this bike, it's a Worksman Frontloader Trycycle made in New York. I use it all the time to move repaired kites up to where I ship them at the end of each sewing day.

Thanks to all our great customers for making us so busy. We are trying to keep up with you, and trying to use less fuel to do so.


p.s. yes I know the tires are low on air, man this is such a pet peeve of mine that I almost photoshopped it.

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  1. I always find Worksman cycles are the best. They are solid built and last you a lifetime.