Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cabrinha Crossbow 2009 | Leading edge repair

cabrinha kite repair leading edge
This Cabrinha Crossbow came in today. I like the look of the new 2009 ones. They seem very well made and Cabrinha has done some simple smart things with the same materials that I think will make the kite stronger than it used to be.

It had this small rip in the leading edge.

First we open it up by removing the stitching on the main closure seam of the leading edge.

We double layer the interior and single layer the exterior. As we close the leading edge after the patch is sewn, we like to see light through the previous holes. This lets us know that we're lining it up perfectly.

Some nice subtle use of black and white thread can hide a repair very effectively.


  1. Thank you for the share, I really appreciate it, keep sharing interesting stuff like this.


  2. This is so helpful. I was thinking of getting fit again but for some reason I can never find the motivation to keep at it.