Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This was an epic kite to repair, but at least I get the bragging rights.


  1. First of all I would like to thank Tim specifically for his outstanding workmanship and quick turn around time. I sent my kite in on a tuesday and it was sent back and received on thursday just in time for a weekend session. When I got my Cabrina Contra 17 back it took me twice unrolling my kite to actually find the repair! I am amazed how awesome of a job Windfire Designs does to repair a ripped kite. Everything matched and blended perfectly and the stitching and workmanship were the best I have seen!

    Again, I want to thank you Tim and your team for being the go to shop for kite repair. Your skill is unmatched!

    You Rock!

    Tampa, FL

  2. Hi Tim or Ruth,
    I did send my 2009 9m T3 kite for repair.

    I see by the tracking number that it has been delivered at the Post Office. Please if you can let me know when you pick it up and look at it.

    I did send 2 emails and left one voice mail, so far with no reply. I also called the main phone number couple of times but no one picks up.

    You must be out of the office or something.
    Please let me know when you are back. I am starting to get worried about my kite.

    Thank you.