Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cabrinha Kite Repair | Featured as graphics

This is a 14 meter Cabrinha Revolver. It had extensive damage to the canopy and the leading edge. Our customer had it in a tree for a little while - we don't think it was on purpose. When we got the kite, I saw the opportunity to feature the kite repair. Rather than hide such a nice piece of chaos, we decided to use the rips as additional graphics. I checked with the customer who was quite into the idea. It doesn't take much more labor and can look really fantastic. We have lots of fun doing this sort of thing. 

On the same kite, here within the name Cabrinha on the leading edge, we hid this patch. Of course, you don't want to feature it all, only if it goes with the existing color scheme well. This was so easy to hide I couldn't resist making is almost disappear. Of course we could color the thread as it goes over the black to help it "go away" but we're proud of the sewing we do.

Here too, the orange is the same cloth that Cabrinha uses. I like to round most edges and corners we sew for two reasons. It looks nice and is usually stronger. And for those who sew, you know it's just a tad of showing off too.


  1. Hi Tim,
    Funny that you should comment on my blog, of all people. I have a kite phobia. It stems from a bad experience when I was 7. My husband hates it and I'm trying to get past it. I want my kids to be able to enjoy kites like all the normal people in the world!

    Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  2. Bad experiences in kites usually come from being handed a kite before you are ready. People in general do not take kites seriously at any level. They are the precursors to the airplanes we fly in and are also one of the most amazing balancing acts that we humans have come up with. To view a kite while it's working is to view one of the more complex systems we get to personally see.

    Do not start with powerful kites, they are to be treated with the same care that a loaded gun might be. Use light kites in light wind. Have someone with you who is not pushing you into anything and will help you to understand the why behind it all.


  3. I like your blog a lot keep posts like this coming!

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  5. Hi Tim:

    Do you do repairs to other Cabrinah kites? I ripped the canopy after tomahauk crashing my kite recently, one of the bladders also went.

    Thanks you,

  6. That is amazing that you were able to repair this kite!